Reservation Guidelines

  1. RESERVATIONS – Reservations are to be made in the manner requested in the event invitation (i.e. RSVP and check by US Postal service, or online via credit card payment).  Please allow, and assume that it may take up to 5 business days in transit for mail RSVP’s to reach the Confrerie Secretary.
    Guest Invitations – If you wish to have a paper invitation sent to a guest, notify the secretary no later than 6 weeks prior to the event.  (Event dates are posted on this website and in the member directory.)
  2. DECLINE TO ATTEND – If you know you are not attending, please either return the RSVP card via US Post office, or email the Confrerie Secretary advising of your inability to attend.
  3. CONFIRMATION EMAIL – You will receive an email confirming your reservation and receipt of your and payment within 3 days of receipt by the Confrerie Secretary.
    Missing Confirmation – If you have paid and sent in your reservation card, and have not received a reservation confirmation email by the reservation deadline, please call the Confrerie Secretary on or before the RSVP deadline to advise of your intent to attend.  They must have an accurate attendee count by the reservation deadline.
  4. LAST MINUTE RESERVATIONS – If you wish to attend, and cannot ensure your reservation and payment will arrive by the due date specified in the invitation, you must call or email the Confrerie Secretary advising of your intent to attend, and your plan to remit payment.
    After the DeadlineReservations cannot be accepted after the deadline stated on the invitation, but you may be placed on a “standby” list in the event another guest has to cancel at the last minute.
  5. 2nd PARTY RESERVATIONS – Please do not “relay” your reservation through other Members or Grand Council personnel.  The secretaries are the focal points and maintain the actual list of attendees on behalf of the dinner host, based on RSVP’s received per above.  They are responsible for providing the list of attendees (members and their guests) to the dinner host for coordination with the dinner venue. This generally occurs 1 week prior to the event as a great deal of final preparation takes place (based on the RSVP’s)  in the week preceding these formal events.
  6. CANCELLATIONS – Cancellations (like reservations) are to be made directly to the secretaries, and are accepted up to the RSVP deadline with full refund.  After the deadline, refunds cannot be guaranteed.  Arrangements between the dinner host and the venue determine the “final headcount” dates which may vary from event to event.  If you find you must cancel after the deadline and the secretaries advise there are no “standby” reservations, please consider transferring your tickets to another member or guest.

We appreciate your assistance in making your reservations and payments within the above guidelines. – Confrerie Saint Etienne Grand Council

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