Dinner Payment

CLICK HERE TO PAY BY===> Credit Card

  1. CLICK ABOVE to open the Confrerie’s Site for Credit Card Payments – a new tab/window will open (
  2. , URL: https://csefw.square.site).  The Confrerie’s Secure Credit Card Processing services are provided by “Square Inc.
  3. SELECT TYPE OF TICKET  by clicking the appropriate option from the menu (member/guest), and select the quantity of that type ticket in the shopping cart.  (Select “CONTINUE SHOPPING” to add one or more of another ticket type.)
  4. CHECKOUT when you have the desired number/types of tickets displayed in the “Shopping Cart”, then…
  5. PLEASE ENTER NAMES OF ATTENDEES – Please enter the names of member attendees & guests in the Comment Box, in the last step before “placing your order.”
    (This box is labeled “Additional Note to the Merchant (optional)”  and appears immediately above the Place Orderbutton in the lower right part of the screen.   This only appears in the final step in the “Shopping Cart” before clicking placing your order, and charging your credit card.  Click “PLACE ORDER after ticket quantity and attendee names are complete and accurate.
  6. Credit Card processing fees are added to the actual event price, (generally $5), and are included in the price when paying via credit card online.
  7. You should expect to receive a purchase receipt directly from Square Inc. by email after completing your transaction.
  8. You will separately receive a confirmation of payment/reservation from the secretaries; nominally within ~ 3 business days of the transaction.
  9. The credit card site may be used to pay for dinner/event reservations and/or pay membership fees.  (The selections available on the Confrerie’s  Credit Card site will vary based on the upcoming events.)
  10. You may still pay by check (and avoid the credit card fees), by mailing a check to the CSE P.O. Box  in accordance with the instructions on the paper invitation.
  11. Please adhere to the published deadline(s) and due dates for reservations/payment.  The credit card website will be closed after the reservation deadline.

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